Killer Tattooist Review

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Killer Tattooist Review

Killer Tattooist is a British horror movie directed by Terry Lee Cooker and stars Lewis Kirk , Noeleen Comiskey , Joel Rothwell. Killer Tattooist was released on 23 March 2020.


Nathan a tattoo artist preys on his female clients who he murders and feeds them to his crocodiles. As Nathan's death toll Eva a female officer goes undercover to uncover the serial killer. Eva ends up dating Nathan while pretending to be a Russian visitor. Eva uncovers that Nathan is the serial killer and is kidnapped but manages to escape. Nathan is arrested but police finds doesn't find evidence to him to the murders.


Review and Rating

Killer Tattooist is a terrible and cringe movie which do not have a good story in my opinion. The acting is very poor and the story lacks direction. The main character Nathan even eat other people!! We give a 2/10 rating.