Kelly Ann Prosser

Kelly Ann Prosser was a girl from Ohio who disappeared on 20 September 1982 while walking home from Indianaola Elementary School. Kelly Ann who was 8 at the time was found dead two days later in a Madison County cornfield.

Police “determined that Kelly Ann had been beaten, s*xually assaulted and strangled.”

On 26 June 2020, 37 years later announced that they finally matched DNA from the crime scene to Harold Warren Jarrell, who died in 1996 at the age of 67.

Police used new genealogy technology to find a match.


Kelly Ann Prosser was 8 years old at the time of her death.

Parents and Family

At the time of her death Prosser’s father was qouted in an article by Akron Beacon Journal saying, “The big thing on my mind is that I hope Kelly didn’t suffer. I can’t imagine the terror she went through — 8 years old, grabbed off the street by some guy. I wanted to talk about this so maybe one family can be spared this pain. The community has got to know how much jeopardy their kids are in.”

Kelly Ann Prosser's family issued a statement thanking the officers responsible for solving her case.

"When Kelly Ann left for school the morning of September 20th, 1982, we did not expect our time with her would abruptly end or that our future would change in every way imaginable. One moment we had this dazzling, mischievous 8-year-old little girl. Then suddenly all we had left were memories, photographs that will never age, a calendar marking a dreadful new “holiday,” a grave, and pieces of Kelly’s life stored in a box.

Our family has spent many long years waiting for Kelly Ann’s murder to be solved. But Kelly’s family is not unique. Those who have suffered the murder of their loved one knows how devastating waiting for answers can be … Today is one of those bittersweet moments that has been a long time coming. Our family is blessed to have finally gotten an answer, after nearly four decades, on who abducted, s*xually assaulted, and murdered our darling Kelly Ann.

While new technology, advanced investigated techniques and other factors have been an undeniable part of solving this homicide case the real credit goes to all the local, state, federal and partnering law enforcement agencies who showed tenacity, dedication, and tremendous teamwork in solving Kelly Anns’ case. There are no words to express how deeply our gratitude extends to all of you …

Kelly Ann was our beauty and our love. She sparkled with laughter and her blooming spirit shined amidst the thorns. Her light has been — and will always be — deeply missed. Today, and forever, family and friends will remember our precious little girl."



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Kelly Ann Prosser
First Name Kelly Ann
Surname Prosser
Died 20th September, 1982
Home City Ohio, United States
Current City Ohio, United States