Vatiswa Ndara

Vatiswa Ndara is a South African TV actress and radio personality. Ndara have read news for Radio Transkei, Radio Bob, Kaya fm, Metro FM, 5FM and Highveld Stereo. Vatiswa Ndara is best known for her role in TV series Home Affairs and Igasa.

Ferguson Films controversy

On 07 October Vatiswa Ndara wrote an open letter to the Minister of Arts and Culture accusing Ferguson Films owned by veteran actors Connie and Shona Ferguson of exploiting actors and actresses. Vatiswa accuses of Ferguson Films of underpaying after they reportedly offered her 11000 Rand  before tax as payment for the shooting of iGazi 3 a show which she played a leading role last season. Vatiswa say the money is not enough to cover expenses work related expenses. Vatiswa also blasts Ferguson Films over the number of hours actors have to put in saying one can end up working 12 hours for six days straight.

“Ferguson Films is officially starting iGazi 3 and we would like to offer Vatiswa a global contract for iGazi 3 at R110,000 (before tax) for the duration of the shoot (five weeks). No limit to calls, first call exclusive to us.”

Ferguson Films have not responded to the allegations and are reportedly considering their legal options.

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